About the Property

My name is Julie Robinson, I am the owner of Curlews.  I brought Curlews way back in 2008, as a base to eventually retire to. I have tried to find out the history of Curlews but the age remains a bit of a mystery.  Some believe that it dates as far back as to the 1500's, other say the late 1800's.  The majority of the building is built from thick stone, but the top floor, front and back from cob material (which is a nightmare to affix anything to!).  I have been told that it was originally used as a sail loft, which would make sense, given the property's close proximity to the sea and that is on the edge of the old market square, so the likelihood is that it was originally built as a commercial building, but that is just my guess.  I imagine that the front and back of the top floor were originally open and would have had pulleys operating from that floor, hence the cob infills and render.

I have always loved Cornwall since visiting in the 1970's and 80's as a child and I really fell in love with Looe when I travelled down with friends a couple of times for the New Year's festivities.  Looe really is THE best place to celebrate New Year (make sure you bring fancy dress!).  Two weeks after I purchased Curlews, the 2008 credit crunch hit.  I was left with a very large mortgage, negative equity and holidaymakers immediately cut back on their holidays.  It was a very difficult time, but I managed to hang on (just about!).  Since then, bit by bit, I have completely renovated the property.  The top floor has had a complete change of layout, the bathroom was removed and replaced with a shower room and the ground floor was completely gutted and re-fitted.  It has been hard work and a labour of love!

I have always felt that Curlews has a certain magical energy about it and I always love visiting, but unfortunately don't manage to get down enough.  It is managed by my lovely housekeeper Jill, who keeps it spotlessly clean.  Upon their arrival, guests receive a welcome pack of milk, biscuits, tea and coffee.  Toiletries are included and everything that I can think of to help guests have a wonderful holiday.


I hope you enjoy Curlews and Looe as much as me.